POWERS Parenting Groups

In keeping with our philosophy of partnering with parents to help their children, we are offering POWERS Parenting. Each level of training is a ten-week group for parents via telehealth. Each level is a foundation for the next level. Parents will be introduced to the methodology and philosophy of POWERS. They will learn the language of POWERS and how to use the POWERS skills to grow their children's awareness and improve their self-regulation. The program targets specific skills and strategies to empower parents to support their children’s executive functioning and social-emotional skills. POWERS Parenting is designed for parents of Preschool, Elementary, Middle, and High School age children.

  • Groups run weekly by the semester
    • Fall Semester: September - December
    • Winter Semester: January - March
    • Spring Semester: April - June
  • Groups are interactive and limited to 4-7 couples.
  • Each group is made up of ten 1-hour weekly telehealth sessions.
  • Groups are insurance reimbursable with most out-of-network benefits.


Parents will be introduced to the methodology and philosophy of POWERS and will learn the many skills and strategies that make up the language of POWERS. This group is also recommended for parents prior to their children beginning POWERS coaching.


Parents will apply the POWERS skills, growing their awareness both in the sessions as well as at home. Role-playing and specific scenarios will be utilized to hone these skills. Parents are matched to Advanced groups by like-aged children.