One-on-one Coaching

POWERS Coaching for Children and Adolescents

Self-advocacy, internal motivation, and teaching towards independence are core beliefs that are fundamental to the philosophy of POWERS. Tailoring a program to suit your child’s needs is the best way to learn executive functioning skills. Through private sessions with one of our trained professionals, your child will learn to practice the six core skills of POWERS: Prioritize, Organize, Work, Exercise, Regulate, and Social Awareness.

Developing these essential skills emPOWERS children to engage actively in the process of becoming increasingly more effective academically, socially, and emotionally. Learning to develop these lifelong skills will provide a structure that enables them to develop good habits, and feel more control over their lives, leading to lower levels of anxiety and increased wellbeing.

Children meet weekly or biweekly with a POWERS trained coach to help them learn the language of POWERS, grow their awareness and understanding of the importance of these skills and learn to apply them independently in their own lives both at home and at school. Coaching sessions for children are individualized and homework and long-term projects will be used as a vehicle for learning. Sessions are 50 minutes long and can be in person or via remote learning.

POWERS Coaching for Adults

Life is complicated. It is hard to balance the many responsibilities that we all carry and many of us feel perennially overwhelmed by them. Improving and growing our executive functioning skills (our ability to prioritize, plan, organize, time manage, etc) can be very helpful in alleviating some of this stress and improving our general well-being.

The methodology of POWERS has been adapted to help adults grow these skills. Our POWERS coaches work with you to develop skills in areas of executive functioning and emotional awareness utilizing the language of POWERS in order to help you better meet your goals in your personal and professional life. Sessions are 50 minutes long.

POWERS Summer program for ages 8-15

Through fun, hands-on, and interactive activities led by a licensed psychologist, the POWERS one week camp program helps children begin to develop self-awareness and the skills they need to grow in their ability to organize, strategize, pay attention, remember details — and all that it takes to create a foundation for success. Each day will focus on a different core skill group. This program provides children with a chance to learn alongside, and from, other children. Children feel supported and form friendships as they learn to problem-solve, overcome their challenges, and grow skills together.